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Comments from our students

Students' comments: Text

Diana Allen and Finian Brown


Our tutor from Global Mandarin is an excellent Chinese teacher. She is engaging, knowledgeable, and very cheerful. She makes learning Chinese both a language class and a culture class. She is always punctual, prepared, and often stays a bit late to answer our questions.

Samantha goes above and beyond to make sure that we learn vocabulary that is appropriate to us. I am impressed with her patience and willingness to review material from the past. She tailors lessons for our needs, rather than going based on a pre-constructed notion of where we should be in the learning process.

Any individual that she tutors should be glad they get to learn from such a warm, outgoing individual.

Thank you Samantha!


Savannah Adisi-Musgrove


Global Mandarin provides tutors that are friendly, engaging and who are happy to work around your schedule. My tutor Samantha has helped me take on Chinese head on. She works at a pace that I am comfortable with, while at the same time challenging me.


Learning a new language can be difficult, but Global Mandarin makes sure you have all the tools you need to do your best!


Bich Kuhns from America

2016 - present

Elena is amazing! She has helped me develop my language skills in so many different ways, including survival Mandarin, orchestral vocabulary, and key phrases to communicate with hospital staff during my pregnancy.

She is a natural teacher who understands the struggle of language learning, and patiently supports and encourages me in my studies, I have also learned so much about Chinese culture that has helped me in my daily life here.

A huge part of my success living abroad has been because of the constant support from Elena and Global Mandarin-thank you!


Todd Kuhns from America

2016 - present

Elena custom-tailors every lesson based on my goals and skill level. We’ve been with Global Mandarin since 2014 and I wouldn’t even consider another Chinese language teacher.

HSK 3, here I come!


Zac from America

2016 - 2018

Studying at Global Mandarin has been great. With having a busy schedule, Elena was able to find time so I wouldn't have to change it. She has been very flexible with my learning requests. I was able to focus on speaking and listening before studying how to write characters. Elena is very patient with me, even when I forgot to do my homework. She listens to requests on topics that are relevant for my everyday life. I am now able to understand my first graders who speak Mandarin. I look forward to seeing how my Mandarin will improve. I recommend Global Mandarin for those looking for a great and personal learning experience.


Camille T from America

2016 - 2017

I look forward to my Chinese classes with Santa(who now has changed her name to Catalina). She has become more than a teacher, but a friend. Our class time is not only filled with informative lessons but we laugh and have fun as well. She helps me a lot out of the classroom as well. Anytime I need help with Chinese or anything else I can always ask. It's nice to have a professional teacher as well as a helpful hand. Catalina is helping me study before my HSK4 test and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Thank you!


Matt P from America

2017 - 2018





Hi guys!

Although I've been living in China for over 4 years, I started learning Chinese recently. Chinese is very difficult, especially reading the characters, I feel frustrated. 

Luckily Catalina is a very patient teacher, her class doesn't feel like a traditional class, more like chatting with a friend in Chinese.

I still remember the first time I was able to order a milk tea in Chinese all by myself, I was very proud.

Thank you all.

Especially Catalina.


Richard Barns from the UK

2015 - 2018

Elena is nothing short of phenomenal.

I have been learning Chinese for around 5 years and I have never had a teacher as good as her. She is able to make HSK6 material fun and interesting(which is no mean feat). With Elena my Chinese has improved dramatically. Signing up here will be one of the smartest decisions and investments you will make in China.


Quintus from South Africa

2016 - 2018

I've had a wonderful so far with Elena as my teacher. The fact that she is willing to answer the most random questions is wonderful and fun.

That's the bottom line for me, she's made learning the language a fun and enjoyable experience.

Thank you so much.


Benjamin Bray from the UK

2017 - present

Hi Elena!

Thank you for making learning Chinese so much fun! Thanks for your endless patience when I de-rail the lesson with stupid questions.

Seriously though, how do I distinguish between Rugby Union and Rugby League in Chinese?!

It's been so much fun learning and hopefully it will continue to be!

You're awesome!


Kasia from Poland

2017 - present

If you want to study Chinese, you can't find better tutors than at Global Mandarin. Throughout the past two years, I always valued Elena and Catalina for their professionalism and well-prepared classes! Thanks to their motivation, I am now thinking of something beyond my imagination, HSK5. They inspired me and supported me all the way! Thank you!


Lucy from the UK

2018 - present

I have been having online classes with Elena for 6 months now. She's always so patient and her flexible times allow us to arrange classes around my busy schedule. We work at a pace suited to me and I always enjoy our classes. I highly recommend Global Mandarin.


Danny from the UK

2018 - present

Having online lessons with Elena at Global Mandarin has given me the motivation I needed to keep practising. It helps me to set goals, and is a great opportunity to practise speaking and listening skills via video chat, something I cannot do with just textbooks! Elena has been great at tailoring the class to my individual needs, I would definitely recommend!


Heather from Canada

 2019 - present

Thank you Elena at Global Mandarin! I’ve enjoyed my Chinese lessons and learned so much. She’s super patient and thorough. Each lesson was a great mix of listening, speaking and writing. Cheers!


Cassandra Minor

2017 - present

I will always study through Global Mandarin.

Even after moving away from China, I have continued my Chinese with Elena.

With Global Mandarin, I’m not  “just” learning the language. I also get insights into the culture : things to say or not say, how characters have been modified, why people do or say certain things.

 I trust Elena to answer my questions honestly and without judgement. She seems to understand the expat perspective better than other teachers I talked to.

I’m so happy to have met Elena!


Britnie from America

2017 - present

Elena is a great teacher and very very patient! I tend to be a slow student but she never gets frustrated and is always willing to back up or review if there's something I don't understand. Would definitely recommend her!


Dan Phelps from America

2019 - present

Elena at Global Mandarin has helped me a lot with acquiring a new language, I’m able to have basic conversations in Mandarin and her availability works great with my schedule.


Anna-Lucy Blackwell from the UK

2018 - 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed my one-to-one sessions with Elena learning Mandarin. Not only did she strengthen my basic knowledge of the language but also Chinese culture giving me better insight as to the contexts that certain phrases are used and I constantly felt comfortable to ask any questions confident I’d receive answers that would improve my Mandarin.

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