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HSK level 7 to 9, starts in 2022!

Hey guys! Long time no see !

You have probably already heard that the HSK test center has officially announced that, starting from next March, there will be 3 new levels added to the HSK examinations.. You may be wondering what is going to be changing with regards to the exams. So I'm here today to explain the changes they made.        

 1 HSK 1-6: The old tests stay the same

Rumor has it last year that the Chinese Ministry of Education officals were tring to change the whole HSK exam, but rest assured it won't happen, at least won't happen in the next couple of years.       

2 When will the HSK 7-9 test begin

The new HSK 7-9 curriculum will begin trials in Decemeber of this year, with a proposed launch date of March 2022.  The new HSK 7-9 level will take the "three grades in one paper" system which means you take one paper test and you will be graded level 7 to 9 accoridng to your total score.

3 Will the current HSK 1-6 change any time soon?

They won't be changed any time soon, but bear in mind that the Chinese Ministry of Education officials will likely raise the bar of the test as time goes by, so you may need to learn more for the lower levels in the future.        

So to summarise, if you're preparing for HSK 1-6 you have nothing to worry about, keep doing what you're doing. If you're way past level 6 then I'd suggest you to read more Chinese books and news or watch more Chinese movies and TV shows depending on your taste in media! 

Whether you're preparing for the new levels of certification for pleasure or professional reasons you can check out our school for online or face-to-face (in Beijing) Mandarin classes.        

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