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What the hell?!

他妈 tā mā

This word is a standard swear word in Chinese, which means 'the hell' or 'what the hell' , we usually just randomly add this into our sentences as adverb to show how angry we are.


1 Where the hell did you go?


    nǐ tā mā qù nǎ'r le ?

Literal translation

你 nǐ : you

他妈 tā mā : the hell 

去哪儿  qù nǎ'r : go where

了 le : auxiliary word

2 What the hell are you doing?


   nǐ tā mā gàn shén me ?

Literal translation

你 nǐ:you

他妈 tā mā: the hell

干什么 gàn shén me: do what

3 What the hell is wrong with you?

   Are you out of your mind?


   nǐ tā mā yǒu bìng ba ?

Literal translation

你 nǐ :you

他妈: tā mā: the hell

有病 yǒu bìng: sick 

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